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Cupio Curo: Holistic Care by 2050

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

In recent years we have observed a staggering increase in global debates in the discussion of healthcare and healthcare systems in global debates. Ranging from questions such as: “how do we provide healthcare to remotely located people” and “how do we improve healthcare products in order to improve healthcare” but also, “what kind of care is best for me”.

At the 26th ICSID World Design Congress in 2009, Stefano Marzano released a scenario outlining what healthcare might look like in 2050 with the project named ‘Cupio Curo’. He released this research project based on socio-cultural and technological forecasts collected in collaboration with a research team.

Cupio Curo, or ‘the desire to manage’ as translated from Latin, is a healthcare type with holistic care at its core. Holistic care is rather known as healthcare with consideration for all areas and aspects of a human being; our diet, our DNA, our psychological health, family structure, education and environment.

The vision of Cupio Curo will not only release the strain of the rising healthcare costs for the rising global population, but it will also increase it’s efficiency without compromising a much needed personalised healthcare system.

Curious? See the video below for more information and the transcript of Stefano Marzano’s speech


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