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Stefano was one of the early advocates for corporate social responsibility, and the 3 P's (people, profit, planet). His ideas he communicated in his manifesto "Flying Over Las Vegas

He sees design as a transformation strategy and a way of creating value towards a future where people, profit, and planet are balanced and harmonious. His design focused on encapsulating this notion, and he focused on working towards this vision through his various projects. 

In order to get to this balance point, design as a field needs to become more interdisciplinary, something Stefano dubbed 'High Design'. This concept stems from his inspiration Leonardo Da Vinci, who in his work relied heavily on various fields, and bases of knowledge. 

Stefano's long list of experience and ventures includes:

- M.H. 

- IRE - Philips 

- Philips

- Electrolux;


- Domus Academy; 

- Politecnico di Milano

- Technical University of Eindhoven

- PoliDesign;

But, most of all: PHILIPS

Marzano was the Chief Executive Officer of Philips Design and Chief Design Officer of Philips International.



“The future does not fall from the sky like rain, but is made by the actions of those who take responsibility for it today."

— A New Modernity, foreword of 'Vision of the Future'.

This website is a made by Gioia Marzano, to showcase Stefano Marzano's work over the years and his current opinions and thoughts.

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